Sporting Spirit Wins Big At Jaipuria Olympics

Sporting Spirit Wins Big At Jaipuria Olympics

Jaipuria Olympics has many moments of sporting brilliance

Jaipuria Olympics, a sports meet of the inhouse sporting talent of Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions, was organized on August 14 and saw some great moments of sporting excellence and camaraderie.

Held at the Indirapuram campus, Jaipuria Olympics kicked off on the bright Saturday morning with the hoisting of the National Flag in the presence of the staff of the Jaipuria Group’s institutions in Ghaziabad. The patriotic fervour then gave way to the contest of physical strength in Tug of War, which turned out to be as much a show of muscle power as an occasion for droll fun.

The games of Badminton, played on the hard court, saw enthusiastic participation by eight teams and many players were visibly inspired by the medal-winning performance of the Indian shuttler PV Sindhu at the Tokyo Olympics, given their rocketing smashes and gentle drops.

Cricket expectedly drew maximum crowd and attention. Contesting on the ground were four teams: Jaipuria Panthers, Jaipuria Warriors, Jaipuria Boomers and Jaipuria Spartans. The match between Panthers and Warriors was held first and had its riveting moments. The Boomers and Spartans contest too was interesting. Each match was played in about 10 overs by the teams.

While the participation in games was heartening, a lot of people just enjoyed the event as spectators watching the games from the sidelines. There was a great deal of rooting and applauding of sporting brilliance. Good sportsmen spirit and healthy competition made all the games a lot of fun to watch. No matter which team performed better, everybody felt like a winner.

That was the glorious spirit of Jaipuria Olympics.

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