What are the Trends that would Redefine Education in 2024

What are the Trends that would Redefine Education in 2024

Prof. (Dr.) Tapan Kumar Nayak has more than 20 years of teaching and research experience in the field of Economics. Prior to this, he has been working as a Professor and dean of Academics at IMS Ghaziabad since 2007. He has published over 25 research papers in referred national and international journals and has presented over 30 papers at various national and international conferences.

The entire education system has undergone a 360-degree change in post covid era. From remote and blended learning to personalised learning, EdTech integration to skill-based education, the post covid education landscape has been redefined to facilitate better and effective learning to students. In 2024, the trends would continue to transform education as a whole. Cool and exciting technologies such as AI, ML, DL, AR, VR etc. will definitely cater a diverse learning horizon to students. Let’s explore some of theexciting yet amazing interventions that will make learning more effective and interesting in the coming year!

Technology integrated Personalized Learning

Today, Education is focussing more on personalized learning customised to individual needs. This paradigm shift  in customised education has been supported by artificial intelligence and other new age technologies for specific need of the student in diverse categories. These technological intervention ensure that education is uniquely suited to everyone including students, teachers and the industry people, marking a significant advancement towards improved learning experiences for all. Further, the personalized learnings cater to individual strengths and empower students to engage more deeply with their studies and create an interesting learning eco-system for future.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Learners’ mental wellbeing is equally important for continuing learning in a better way. Therefore, integration of emotional intelligence into curriculum and providing sound environment will definitely strengthen the educational landscape in current scenario. The educators must value mindfulness and feelings of the learners to understand and ensure better mental wellbeing in everyday learning activities. The educators must ensure that students not only focus on their performances but also be sound in their mind and body for consistently doing well.

Learning by Doing – Gamification and Simulations in Education

The education landscape is all set to convert passive learning into an active engagement. Gamification elements in teaching-learning process, such as badges, leader boards, and interactive simulations, can make teaching-learning process more engaging and hands-on. The new age education system will incorporate gamified and simulated elements to motivate and guide students. The focus is shifting from reading and listening to learning by doing which in turn is going to strengthen more on the top three rungs of Bloom’s taxonomy in education system.

Edtech Integration & Skill Based Education

The integration of educational technology (EdTech) tools and platforms is expected to continue, enhancing the overall learning experience. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) are likely to play significant roles in this integration. Further, there is an increasing emphasis on teaching practical skills that align with industry needs. Educational programs may focus more on developing skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity through Design Thinking and other value added certifications and workshops. Digital literacy is going to be the most exciting tool for learners in 2024.

Global & Cross Cultural Learning

In the post covid era, with increased connectivity, there is a growing focus on global perspectives and cross-cultural understanding. Collaborative projects, international partnerships, webinars on diversified domain areas and virtual faculty and student exchange programs could become more common for educational institutions across the globe. This in turn is going to help the learners to understand the world better. It prepares the learners to do well in a world where many different ways of thinking are essential. Students also learn how to communicate with people from all walks of life, which is helpful in a diverse and plural world.

Blockchain in Education

New age technologies such as blockchain may be used to secure and streamline academic administrative processes such as credential verification, academic records, and certifications to make future education more transparent and secure.

All these changes are going to make learning exciting and value driven. However, to ensure these changes add values, the educators must also make themselves well-versed with the new age technologies and also to verify their advantages before they try them out in their classrooms. It’s essential that everyone, like educators, academic leaders, and even tech experts, work together to make these interventions work smoothly with a common goal that would ensure better and efficient learning experiences. Remember that the above-mentioned trends are speculative in nature; however, the actual trend would depend upon various factors such as technological advancements, environmental and geo-political changes in future.

Written by:-
Prof. (Dr.) Tapan Kumar Nayak
Dean Academics at Jaipuria School of Business, Ghaziabad
Published on:- https://www.thehighereducationreview.com/opinion/mentors-opinion/what-are-the-trends-that-would-redefine-education-in-2024-fid-604.html

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