Women’s Day: One Day Acknowledgment by Dr. Radha Yadav

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Children’s day, Father’s day, mothers’ day and many more days related to the society. These are the special days when we recognise the particular clan related to the event. Then we wish Happy Women’s Day:-Why?

Should women be happy for getting a low salary than men?
Should women be happy for the Glass Ceiling?
Should women be happy for the Feminism?
Should women be happy for the one day acknowledgment?
Should women be happy for the cake?

Women are bound to be around society; rules and regulations defines the women what they are! Government always takes initiative towards the success for the women. Who defined the category of the work…? When the things come to the sport, corporate and many more professions. There is huge gap in salary between the man and women. The purpose of the article is not saying that error should be mitigated. No one is perfect; it is truth. Everyone does a mistake, everyone does a work in a different way; no matter what they are men and women. It can be both. We are human beings; motive of the article is; women to be treated as a human being. Women do not need any special acknowledgment from anyone.

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Dr. Radha Yadav, Assistant Professor – HR & OB.
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