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Orientation Program Day-18 Session-1 of Prarambh 2020

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Prarambh 2020
Day 18, 3rd September, Session 1: 11 am – 12 pm
Session on: E-Commerce and Digital Economy

Day 18 was a session that witnessed a blend of Technology changes and behavioural acceptances. Mr.Raghav Bir Singh, Partner Manager, Facebook India talked aboutE-Commerce and Digital Economy.

3-9-2020-Mr Raghav Veer-0.jpgMr. Raghav highlighted the tremendous growth of the Internet and other new communications and information technologies that offer significant opportunities for E-business sector and, thus, leading to higher growth and expanded international trade, improved public governance, global education opportunities, telemedicine, and also aids scientific advances in many areas. He shared the growth story through his own experience he was part of from the period of 2012 to 2020. Favouring E-commerce and its wide spectrum, he expressed his thoughts – ‘E-commerce has already improved business value by fundamentally changing the ways products are conceived, marketed, delivered, and supported. The relationship and interaction of various stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, strategic partners, agents, or distributors are noticeably changed. The real impact of e-commerce lies in its ability to economise costs thus offering good pricing to end consumers and enhancing business efficiency.

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