Organisational Behavior

S. No Workshop Topics Approach/Remarks
1 Transformational Leadership Development Will entail assessment of current level, developmental intervention and post intervention assessment.

Doctoral research of Vikas Rai Bhatnagar has been in the area of leadership styles (directive, transactional, transformational and empowering styles) and its impact on employee performance.

Springer (Germany) has published a new framework on leadership developed by Vikas titled “Blending Greek Philosophy and Oriental Law of Action-Towards a Consciousness Propelled Leadership Framework” ( This was a paper presented by Vikas in Athens in 2011.

Paper titled “Systemic Development of Leadership-Action Research in an Indian Manufacturing Organization”, published in an American journal titled “Systemic Practice and Action Research”. Link to the paper is

2 Empowering Leadership Development
3 Spiritual Leadership Development
4 Authentic Leadership Development
5 Science of Employee Happiness Will entail assessment of current levels of happiness and activities that are likely to increase happiness.

Interventions on increasing happiness and post intervention assessment for recording actual increase in happiness.

Action research titled “Viewing Organizations as Enablers of Happiness” and authored by Vikas Rai Bhatnagar published by Sage (UK) in 2016 in book titled “Exploring Morgan’s Metaphors-Theory, Research, and Practice in Organizational Studies and edited by Profs Örtenblad, Trehan and Putnam. Link to the paper is:

6 Goals Setting Workshops Case titled “From Performance Management to Happiness Management” published in the 15th Edition of book “Organizational Behavior” authored by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge and Niharika Vohra.

Action research carried out by Vikas Rai Bhatnagar, titled “From Managing Performance to Creating Futures”, published by Bloomsbury in 2013.

7 Performance Feedback Workshops
8 Building a Positive and Growth Mindset


This workshop draws and builds on the research by Carol Dweck and other positive psychologists.
9 Building Effective Teams This workshop draws on the research by Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith. Our focus is strengths-based developmental interventions.
10 Living the Organizational Values We measure the current awareness of organizational values, design and execute interventions aimed at generating awareness, internalizing and deploying the values at work.
11 Culture Assessment and Building We deploy the “Competing Values Framework” for assessing the values and employees preference for the shift in the values. Having assessed these, we design and execute interventions to bring change in the culture.
12 Behavioral Interviewing Skills This is a module for line and HR managers, who carry out recruitment. We develop skills for assessing the competencies by carrying out behavioral event interviewing.
13 Coaching for Effective Leadership This workshop converge Leadership and Coaching and thereby builds capabilities for effective leadership. Strength based coaching is deployed for strengthening leadership.