Marketing- Art or Science by Prof Surabhi Singh

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Marketing is the term which enables the value creation with clear cut communication and its focused delivery. This is often misnomer to sales where the orientation towards profit is the main goal. The customer value is the end result of Marketing and profit comes as a result of sales. The value is the additional benefit any customer seeks in the given cost of a product. The competition in the market has invincibly the major role to play for endless marketing efforts.

Art is all about creation which is synonymous with Marketing. The Marketing plan encompasses the Situation Analysis, Strategy, Financial Projections and Control for the proposed product. The study of market driven forces enable the company to create the product unanimously. The untiring efforts in Marketing are surely the success factor for bringing creativity in a product.

Science is the branch which deals with facts and knowledge. Essentially Marketing considers the factual description of products for deriving the value. The in-depth knowledge of competitors develops the right strategy invariably. The innovation is made possible after the study of given facts and figures of Market. Success of Marketing is the end result of scrupulous innovation.…/marketing-art-or-science/

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