(3rd September, 2016)

On 3rd September, 2016, students of Jaipuria School of Business had the privilege of an interactive session with two very distinguished speakers from the corporate, Mr Amit Dubey, Founder CEO, Heuristics Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. and Mr P. K. Mishra, Founder and Managing Director, Abhiyaan Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. The speakers had very interactive sessionswith the students on two very different but engrossing subjects. While Mr Dubey talked about Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security; Mr Mishra wonderfully related Management to Ramcharitra Manas.

Mr Dubey made everybody aware of the dark side of using social media. He, through many real life examples, elaborated on how the prevailing cyber crimes are making the users of social media their victims. He informed that in Delhi NCR only there are on average 1200 crimes reported every month. These cyber crimes are committed through social networking sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. The hackers get the information about individuals through their Facebook accounts and through the apps that they download onto their computers and smartphones. Technology, apart from providing comfort, also make people vulnerable. Various viruses e.g. Trojan, are automatically installed when we click on certain links sent to our apps or websites. We are absolutely unaware of this and unintentionally give out our details to potential criminals. Cyber crimes which are very rampant these days include: Stalking and Harassing, Identity Fraud, Cyber Thefts, etc.

Further, Mr Dubey helped the audience understand the measures which could be taken to protect against cyber crimes. In the cyber Security part, he urged the students and others who were present to be very careful while clicking on links sent by unidentified websites because awareness is the ultimate protection. Apart from this, one may also use anti-viruses and anti-hacking apps which are available in the market. The session was highly interactive where students got many of their doubts and queries clarified. The speaker concluded the session by urging everybody to be aware of their cyberspace and protect it against any potential trojan attack.

This was followed by a very engrossing and inspiring talk by Mr P.K. Mishra. Mr Mishra very beautifully related management to Ramcharitra Manas. The very basic nuances of Management were explained by him using examples from Ramayana. He wonderfully elaborated on the different skills needed in the management arena by giving very relevant examples from the epic. The skills like strategic planning, time management, resource management, recruitment, commitment to work, teamwork, effective communication, timely execution of the ideas, etc. were related to different characters in the epic. Only the basis of the character of Rama in Ramcharitra Manas, he also highlighted the virtues of a great leader and a great manager. Some of the virtues of a Great Leader and a Great Manager that he cited were:

  • He must have a Vision
  • He must always tell truth
  • He should never mislead
  • He should be humble

The speaker encouraged students to work very hard to achieve their goals since there is no shortcut to success. He also urged the students not to get disillusioned by distractions and never to get disheartened by failures because failures teach how to succeed. The speaker concluded the talk with Swami Vivekanand’s very famous quote “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached”.

The session by graced by the presence of Dr S. K. Mahapatra, director, Jaipuria School of Business who, in the end, presented mementos to the guest speakers to record deep sense of appreciation towards their time and effort.

Thank You

Founder CEO, Heuristics Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Founder and Managing Director, Abhiyaan Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.