Mr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma

(April 28, 2018)

The first year PGDM students of Jaipuria School of Business got the opportunity to attend a Guest Lecture on 28th April 2018 by Mr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma, a turnaround specialist and an accomplished Business strategist who is currently the Chief Executive Officer at TRUFOODS Pvt. Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya. The speaker talked about the ‘Joy of Selling’. The lecture was organized at a very appropriate time since all the first year students will be starting their summer training soon and ‘Sales’, irrespective of the area students will be working in, is integral to the summer training. In fact, sales is the base of all organizations because it generates revenue. The speaker talked at length about the strategies to be followed while selling and at the same time about the ethics to be followed while selling. The selling strategy should always go hand in hand with ethics.

Mr. Sharma advised the students to follow the 5 following mantras in order to achieve success as a salesperson:

  1. To be thoroughly honest with oneself and one’s responsibilities;
  2. To be oneself and to follow what the inner self tells one to do;
  3. To be hardworking;
  4. To not to compromise with values under any circumstances; and
  5. To never to tell lies

Mr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma
CEO TRUFOODS Pvt. Ltd. Nairobi, Kenya