Mr. Nitish Mandhar

(8th September, 2017)

The students of PGDM, Jaipuria School of Business (JSB) got an opportunity to attend an interactive guest session with Mr Nitish Mandhar, Head – Institutional Pan India & Retail Sales West India, Catch Spices at DS Group (Dharampal Satyapal Limited) on 8th September, 2017 in the Leadership hall. The topic of the guest talk was “Marketing Practices in the FMCG Sector”. The session was organised by the Centre for Leadership Excellence, JSB as part of the leadership talk series. FMCG products are those product which have short life span which are used for short time and are replaced within days, weeks, months or within a year. Since FMCG products are replaced rapidly so they have high market demand. The eminent speaker highlighted the strategic marketing initiatives that are taken in the FMCG sector to keep up with the pace of technological advancement and consumer behaviour. The competition in the FMCG sector is equally stiff and to sustain in this cut-throat competitive environment companies need to innovate new strategies of marketing to capture the market.

The speaker very categorically put across the fact that since, FMCG sector is very volatile and uncertain, only those organisations which keep on innovating new strategies to keep abreast with the change, will be able to sustain themselves and others will perish.

The session was highly interactive with students asking a number of questions. The speaker very effectively answered to the queries posed by the inquisitive students. The session concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms Shubhi Gaur, PGDM First year. The speaker was presented with a memento by Dr Timira Shukla, Dean Academics, JSB as a token of gratitude.

Mr. Nitish Mandhar
Head – Institutional Pan India & Retail Sales West India
Catch Spices at DS Group (Dharampal Satyapal Limited)