My dear Faculties, Staff and Students, today is our 70th Independence Day. As we celebrate this auspicious day, our heart swells with pride for being born in Free India.

We ought to remember the sacrifices made by millions of our ancestors, not long ago, for unifying the people and territory of India as one political entity and we also need to remember the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers even now to protect and preserve the territorial integrity of India. Join me to salute all the martyrs who have made supreme sacrifice so that we live and breathe free.

Freedom comes with associated responsibilities. Let’s take a vow today to do at least one small thing in a committed manner for our country. It could be anything like helping a poor child in village to study or collecting some assistance for flood relief or organising a program to raise funds for supporting an orphanage. let us pick one habit i.e., to help someone whom we can, whenever we can by sharing what we have. I see a life changing path hidden in every small act of your being helpful to others in need.

Please don’t accept your surrounding situation as given or granted or destiny. Put your hand and head for improving and destiny will change for us, for you and for future generations of our nation. Youth is Power. The youth of a nation plays the most vital role in changing the destiny of the nation. I wish, you be that youth.

I congratulate and wish you and your family members, a very happy Independence day. jai Hind!