Chairman’s Address on Batch Orientation

I would like to welcome the guests Dr G. P Rao, Mr Vikas Madaan and other dignitaries. I would also like to welcome the new students of Batch 2016-18.

Jaipurias is a recognised name in the Indian industrial arena. Our flagship establishment, Ginni Filaments and its associated organisations are the acknowledged leaders in the field of textile production and exports. My grandfather Shri Mungtu Ram
Jaipuria established Seth Anandram Jaipuria Trust and Seth Anandram Jaipuria Education Society that run various reputed schools and colleges in the country. The opening ceremony of a degree college named “Seth Anandram Jaipuria College” was performed by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in 1945, who later became the Prime Minister of India. It is flourishing as a famous centre of excellence. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur, was started in 1974. Smt. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, had laid the foundation stone, while Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the then President of India performed the inauguration. It is a leading school of northern India and has achieved excellent results in the board examinations.

Responding to the increased demand from the students, the Society established Jaipuria Institute of Management at Vasundhara Ghaziabad in 2001. In 2015 the Institute is relocated at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. In a short period of 15 years, it has earned the reputation of being a reputed institute and has earned Top rank in Top Bschools of Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. Jaipuria School of Business is another premium institution established by the house of JAIPURIAS in 2008, to serve the industry by training students for PGDM course.

There are a lot of distractions but to what extent you are able to overcome these distractions and persevere with grit and passion whatever you want to achieve and whatever you want to become. All great leaders whether in politics, administration, sports, and entertainment have this particular passion in life. They want to become great. And they have always followed the dream. So I request each one of you as Dr Mahapatra mentioned to follow the dreams and try to do your best in everything wherever you are exposed to. Today, you have joined this institute and at the time when the country is passing through a very interesting moment under the dynamic leadership that we have today in our country. I personally believe that India will continue to grow and will be a vibrant country and will be recognized all over the world. Our GDP growth is one of the highest in the world and as we understand the GST bill is likely to be passed. This is a goods and services tax bill wherein the whole Indian market will be a common place. And we do hope that the GDP which is today 7.2 per cent to 7.4 percent can go beyond 8 per cent. So, it is interesting times that you will be coming up and taking your responsibilities as managers or leaders after 2 years of extensive academic work in the institute. We also know that our country is young, dynamic, and full of energy. We have people who are young who are…only the median age of 32 years. So you are the people who will be able to create…with new vision you will be able to create this modern India which all of us are interested in. I hope you will be able to devote full time and this young generation of people will be able to do something which all of our forefathers had envisioned. We have also seen a lot of globalisation taking place; a lot of Indian companies are going overseas for manufacturing.

They are also coming up with new inventions and discoveries within the country. Couple of years back, may be 25 years back when we embarked upon the industrial revolution we were struggling, we did not have reserves. but in the last 25 years we have seen that whether it is in telecom industry; automobile and you name any industry there are so many choices that we have as consumers and at relatively very low prices. earlier, it was difficult to own a mobile phone or a computer or any other facility but today a computer is available at 30 to 40 dollars and this is all because of the technological developments and the innovations which have been taking place outside India and in the last few years lot of Indians who have been able to devise and be part of this journey of innovation and technological advancements is something that really excites us. The Prime Minister has been talking about “Make in India”. He is also talking about “Stand up India”. And I think this is the time when each one of us has a great opportunity to stand up and do something new, something different so that you in your own life can grow and establish yourselves to the best of your capabilities. we have also seen that a lot of companies in the IT field have done exceedingly well whether it is as a job accomplished…like Amazon which I mentioned; they do not own any real place, everything is done on the net and the buyers and consumers meet on the net. So this is the interesting area where people are sharing different types of concepts which is making huge business opportunity.

The same is true if you have heard about a company …….. It is present in more than 190 countries and they have been able to sell tourism and the infrastructure related to that to the various customers at very cheap price. So I must say that it is very interesting time for all of you. Even in India we have seen lot of new initiatives being taken particularly in the retail space as well wherein new companies like 3M, Flipkart and many others have open up doors for the consumers and they are able to sell products at a very competitive price. I think you will be able to take benefit of whatever is taught here and you will be able to fulfil the dreams that your parents have and the vision that you want to have so that you will have the good time here; enjoy yourselves, and also have some hobbies so that whenever you are stressed out, so that you can depend upon those hobbies and try to have the best time whenever it is possible. Thank you once again and I commence this session for the 2016 – 18, the two-year programme that you have and hope that your aspirations would be met.

Thank you.