ISTD session held on 24th Nov,2018

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ISTD Noida Chapter graciously conducted the Chapter Members’ program on 24 Nov 2018 in Jaipuria School of Business. Dr Babu Lal, Ex- Executive Director, HRDI (BHEL), Noida being the Guest Speaker was accompanied with Ms Seema Sinha, Chairperson; Brig Akhil Dixit (Retd), Life Member; Gp Capt Vinod Kumar VSM (Retd); Wg Cdr Prashant Singh (Retd), Hon. Secy.; Dr PUB Rao, Life Member; Dr Mamta Mahapatra, Senior Faculty, AIPS, Life Member; Mr Ali Sajid Husain, Senior Manager (CSR), IOC, Life Member; Mr Vinod Dhaundiyal, Life Member; Mr Subhash Tandon, Life Member. Dr Babu Lal delivered a talk on ‘Developing Creativity and Innovation Skills for New Age Learning’. He threw light upon how New age learning should be the creativity and passion in one’s life, rest of the things will automatically fall in line.

He talked about Goal orientation, making one’s own Goal model, no formal degree is required for innovation and nothing comes from Vacuum. He also discussed about characteristics of new age economy namely: VUCADD World, Life Cycle, Unprecedented changes, Abundance of resources, Open source and freely available knowledge, connected global world, Age of collaboration. Later on the tools of New Age Innovations were discussed such as Capability for rapid photo typing , Failing fast, Co-creation, Collaboration, working in diverse terms, Perceiving change, Dealing with complexity & ambiguity, being responsible citizen, concern for others, Agility, Flexibility, Frugality, Seeking behavior motivation, Childlike quest, engaging, Faith, Fire, Focus, Resilience, Endurance, Passion, Man Machine Collaboration. He ended up the session with a quote by Atul Sobti, “Nothing happens on its own, except the Death”

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