Inauguration of the Placement Readiness Enhancement Programme

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The Director, Dr. S K Mahapatra inaugurated the Placement Readiness Enhancement Programme for the students on 8th Feb. 2019. The 10-session grooming programme will be conducted by the experts from The Winning Mantra. The programme aims at grooming the students and preparing them for the corporate. The focus, during the sessions, will be at helping students improve their life skills and imbibe the managerial skills. The Director, in his inaugural address, talked about the importance of grooming and urged the students to make full use of the programme to develop and improve their knowledge and skills. The first session of the programme was conducted by Mr. Pramod Joshi and Mr. Arvind Kumar, co-founders of the The Winning Mantra. The first session was basically an ice-breaking session wherein the students were introduced to the course structure and the objectives. Mr. Joshi talked in brief about the skills required to get an entry into the corporate and further to sustain the employment. He also emphasized the importance of ‘resilience’ and ‘persistence’ in order to excel in whatever field one chooses. The session was very engaging and informative.

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