Guest Talk by Brahma Kumari Sister Suniana on “Value Education and Behaviour”

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The PGDM first year students at Jaipuria School of Business got an opportunity to attend a motivational workshop by Brahma Kumari Sister Suniana on 21st November 2018 at Dr. Rajaram Jaipuria Hall of Inspiration. The Topic for the lecture was “Value education and Behaviour.” Sister Suniana is a senior faculty from ORC Manesar. The ORC, known as Om Shanti Retreat Centre, is a unique learning center of the Brahma Kumaris that provides higher education in the art of living as well as training.

The speaker greeted the student with a mantra of “Om Shanti” which represents a human with a pure soul. She further added that the motto of the Brahma Kumari group is to bring lasting peace to mankind. She briefed the students about the ambitious project of “Seven Billion Act of Goodness” which states that every individual must faithfully perform a good deed to make this world a better place to live. She further explained the importance of goodness, helping, caring, to give, to let go, to provide comfort and to uplift. She emphasized that an act of goodness should be performed without any expectation of getting a reward.

She summed up the session by explaining the significance of the law of karma and the law of reverse entropy which must be practiced by every individual. The session was very illuminating and synergistic. There was a flow of positive vibes in the auditorium, and the soul of every student was charged with fresh energy and enthusiasm.