Prof. Rajan Vaish
Faculty in – International Business, business Logistics and Global Trading and International Marketing

Mr. Rajan Vaish, has an experience of 27 years with specialization in international business of trade/services.

Mr. Vaish has worked in diverse business environments spanning UAE, Oman & Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, West Africa, Togo, Ghana, Benin & Burkina Faso apart from India handling sale of products/services internationally. He has successfully created & managed complete international supply chains – from planning, prospecting, trade, logistics, and documentation to trade finance.

Mr. Vaish has published/edited/managed content for “GULFLOG” a magazine on international business, published from UAE, and circulated in UAE, Oman & India. Mr. Rajan Vaish holds a BE (Electrical) from Delhi College of Engineering and a Master’s degree in International Business from IIFT, New Delhi.