Disruptive Marketing- Opportunity or Threat by Prof Surabhi Singh

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The marketing has the power to enable the company to influence its customer by the offerings and value. The company designs its existing products or services and differentiates in market and uses Disruptive Marketing. The opportunity of disruptive marketing lies in the hands of marketer but on the other side this poses threat from the competitors. Reliance Jio shows the exemplary performance by its disruptive marketing strategies which are constantly giving threat to its major players of markets like Airtel, Vodafone and so on.

The market is driven by the competition and the distinctness of a product creates the differential advantage. The company like Amazon who knows how to customize as per the customer needs, take the lead role in the market and others follow them. The best e wallet company is Paytm which has taken the lead over others by its disruptive strategies of marketing their products. The company like Patanjali has crossed Rs 9000 Crore revenue with its disruptive marketing and creates the threat for Colgate and Palmolive, ITC and other players. The Colgate which used to be big brand in last many years has lost its brand equity and now Dantkanti has taken over.

The development of product is the initial stage, the design thinking approach has dominated the market space where marketers need to be innovative and disruptive. The artificial intelligence is soon going to be part of Marketing 4.0. The future of Marketing where the technology like Chatbot and Predictive analytics will be used by artificial intelligence and performance will become competitive. The marketer if wants to be successful require having future thinking and design thinking approach.

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