Digital Marketing- Emerging trend in India By Prof Surabhi Singh

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With around 19.9% penetration of internet in India, we have to go long way to reach our goals of exploiting the potential of Digital Media. The trend is emerging in the visibility shown by Digital Marketing big players like flipkart and snapdeal. The International companies with their prominent presence in international market have actually proved their worth in Digital world. Even Chinese player has shown its worth by penetrating 80% market of China and with around 60% penetration in American market and 40% in International Market. Indian companies have to come out with innovative channels, reach and technology to compete with international players in Digital Market. This has huge growth in coming ten years and the companies is coming up with such initiatives. Asia has to go long way when we talk in terms of total penetration of internet. These countries will have to upgrade and develop the awareness of technology in their people. Even India need to work a lot in increasing the awareness of use of technology in their people. When we talk about population we are second but in terms of digital penetration we are far behind North America.

Dominos have always been leading in the use of digital media. They work at enterprise level of E business model. The Indian pure play companies like Flipkart , Snapdeal and International pure play companies like and are showing their drastic improvement in profits. Such display of their digital marketing initiatives have proved that E Marketing can make wonders and we are lagging far behind the leaders owing to deficiency of use of upgraded technology by our people.

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