Cosmic Energy

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The Center for Creativity and Innovation organized a Precis writing session for the PGDM First Year students on 17th December 2018 in the Hall of Inspiration. The students were given the assignment to prepare precis of the Preface to the book “Cosmic Energy” written by Sh. Vinod Malhotra. The presentations of the students were reviewed by the author himself.

The purpose of organizing this session was first, to introduce the students to the book “Cosmic Energy” which has been recently added to the programme curriculum at the University of Michigan and secondly, to make the students understand the importance of “art of condensation”. Preparing summaries, precis, reports and other shortened versions of the written texts is not an easy task as the essence and meaning of the original text have to be retained. The exercise familiarised the students with the basic rules that need to be followed while preparing the shortened versions of what they read or hear.

Sh. Vinod Malhotra, in his address, praised the students for their efforts in preparing precis which were very coherent and represented the Preface well. He also shared some tips to become effective writers.

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