An overview of Bitcoin by Dr. Santosh Kumar

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Now a days, we are hearing about bitcoin, a virtual currency introduced in 2009. Currently there are more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies available for trading, with Bitcoin dominating the market. Bitcoins are not issued, or regulated by any central bank, so there are huge changes in the prices of bitcoin. The cost of this currency was less than a rupee when …


Women’s Day: One Day Acknowledgment by Dr. Radha Yadav

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Children’s day, Father’s day, mothers’ day and many more days related to the society. These are the special days when we recognise the particular clan related to the event. Then we wish Happy Women’s Day:-Why? Should women be happy for getting a low salary than men? Should women be happy for the Glass Ceiling? Should women be happy for the …

Greatness Comes through Toiling by Yusuf Mehdi

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There is an African Proverb that says, “Great people are not born great; they become great when others are sleeping”. The saying is old but it holds true even today. When we listen to the success stories of great people, we sometimes ponder as to how did they become so great and how did they achieve so much in the …


Things to be remembered to improve work culture by Dr. Radha Yadav

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Healthy environment is the need of all human being for sustainability on earth. Like this, an environment which gives success and motivation for work becomes a great work culture for employees and it accelerates the productivity. “You can take my factories, burn up my buildings, but give my people and I will build the empire again”- Henry Ford Famous quotes …


Lessons from bank frauds by Dr Anindita Sharma

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The scenario which is going on in India about Banks is really disheartening. All the scams of bank are making us feel that we are left with no money. The level of fraud that the people of India are facing is really consuming. The quantum of fraud that one individual has done with the bank is beyond imagination by any …


Tips to Improve English Language by Yusuf Mehdi

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Is English killing your career opportunities? Here are a few tips to improve English quickly. Learning or improving English language does not only mean sitting in classrooms, rote learning grammar rules and translating text of one language into English. There’s more to learning English language quickly. There have been various approaches adopted by teachers and learners to teach or learn …


10 Essential Skills to Get a Job in Digital Marketing by Dr. Nitin Kr Saxena

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The digital marketing industry is flourishing, and digital marketing is becoming an unavoidable necessity for any organization or startup nowadays. Digital marketing positions span the gamut, ranging from web analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimization and content marketing. There’s a blast in terms of the number of people joining various digital media such as Facebook, LinkedIn. According to Internet World …


Why you need to Learn Digital Marketing by Dr. Nitin Kr Saxena

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In the present world, digital marketing has emerged as a strong medium of communication and has become like language to learn. Digital marketing forms the backbone of today’s economy and has become an essential skill that everyone should have regardless of their profession. In this article, we will explore why you should learn digital marketing even if you do not …