Vision & Mission



To become a Fully Integrated, Socially Responsible, Contextually Relevant, and Value-Based Management Institute of National Reckoning by meeting the growing and emerging needs of industry and business through contemporary innovative management Teaching, Training, Research and Consulting.



We intend to provide and develop the capabilities of the young managers by raising their level of competence and intellect to face various challenges in the global environment. In pursuit of excellence, we provide training and development services, foster research and disseminate knowledge through publication of books, journals and magazines for the development of society at large.



The model opening statements of objectives/aims of the six core courses to be taught in the first term of the first year of PGDM, respectively, read as follows:

  • To develop managers, leaders and entrepreneurs with vision and values.
  • To ensure relevance of curriculum for the industry.
  • To continuously upgrade and develop intellectual capital.
  • To coin interactive pedagogy.
  • To achieve excellence through teamwork.
  • To provide diversified corporate exposure in the form of summer training, consultancy and live projects.
  • To groom students as value-based business leaders through a structured Executive Leadership Programme (ELP) and modules to improve their Inter-personal Skills and Overall Personality Development.