Greetings from Jaipuria School of Business

Management Education has changed track and gear in the Industry 4.0. Era. The challenge before Business Schools is no longer to prepare mere Business Managers or Leaders of Business, but to prepare Creative Individuals, Innovation Managers, Business Incubators, First Generation Entrepreneurs and Future Leaders for the Society and the World. Business education has a new purpose now, beyond “Creation of Wealth”. The focus has expanded to “Creation of Capacity” to maximize wealth distribution for building a more equitable and just Society.

The pace at which Startups are sprouting all over the World, and growing into giant multinational corporations within a short span, is unprecedented. The largest corporations in the world today are built by first generation entrepreneurs and some of them are the richest people on Earth. “Silicon Valley” in California has become the “Incubation Factory of the World” riding on creativity, innovation and spirit of entrepreneurship. Every Nation on Earth boasts of a “Silicon Valley” of her own. The Tsars of Silicon Valley have also raised the bar of Philanthropy.

College drop-outs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and School back benchers like Jack Ma have conclusively proven that “Creativity” has an edge over “College grades”. Also the Front Benchers like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have created marvels out of Tesla and Amazon with their “Creativity”. They all have together, filled the students of all benches, with Confidence to stay Creative & Committed to their Life Goals, and achieving extraordinary. Warren Buffet used imagination and computers to such perfection that he became a cult figure for Investors world wide. There are many lesser known and not yet known people who are making useful contribution to the development and progress of society in their own ways. They all have three things in common. They have a Clear Goal, they are Committed and they are Creative enough to overcome hardship on their way.

Life is incomprehensible today without mobiles, tablets, personal computers internet and WiFi. Soon the World is going to see the magical impact of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, 3D Printing, Block Chain and cloud computing, touching all aspects of our life. Some people will invent the technologies and some people will find new ways to apply these new technologies for benefit of masses. Some people will find new ways to optimize the new solutions. Put together, this is going to be the new algorithm of life.

Jaipuria School of Business prepares the students to understand and manage well the new algorithm of life, ahead of time.

Dr SK Mahapatra, Director
Jaipuria School of Business, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad