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Workshop on Wetlands And Biodiversity

Workshop on Wetlands And Biodiversity

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The students of Class VIII And IX, visited the Lucknow University to attend a workshop on Wetlands and Biodiversity on 4th Feb 2020. The purpose of the workshop was to create awareness about the conservation of Wetlands and  Biodiversity as  2nd February is celebrated as the ‘World Wetlands day’. The workshop was taken up in three sessions wherein three eminent scientists shared their research in this field.

The first session was taken up by Dr. Rajesh Prakash Chaube who is an Ornithologist. He talked about various migratory birds that visit U.P. during the winters in search of food and favorable weather conditions. His talk was supported by beautiful pictures of birds such as Waterfowls, Dabbling and Diving ducks, Darters and Cormorants, Egrets, Herons, Cranes, Waders etc. The students enjoyed the session and interacted with Dr.Chaube, asking about various features of each of these birds and where can they spot these birds in our city.

The second session was taken up by Dr.AmitaKanaujia and she explained the basics of Wetlands and the various steps taken nowadays to conserve these Wetlands. She also mentioned the importance of these Wetlands and why is there a need to conserve Wetlands. The most valuable information that she shared was that Uttar Pradesh has the maximum no. of wetlands which have been recognized as Ramsar Sites in 2019. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) announced that 10 more wetlands from India have been added to the Ramsar list, out of which seven are from Uttar Pradesh. These sites are Nawabganj, Parvati Agra, Saman, Samaspur, Sandi and SarsaiNawar.

Dr.Kanaujia talked about the Functions and Economic value of these wetlands and the factors that are responsible for Wetland degradation and loss.

The third and the most interesting and interactive session was taken up by Dr Venkatesh Dutta and he spoke about the conservation of Wetlands with reference to Groundwater. He discussed the role of groundwater in wetlands and the alarming rate at which groundwater is depleting in Uttar Pradesh. The students enjoyed his session the most as he included mythology when he spoke about the course of River Ganga and supported his talk with real pictures taken from satellites which gave the students an insight about the importance of conservation of these areas and their biodiversity. He asked the students to summarize his talk and also to give suggestions about what should be the various measures that can be taken for the conservation of these extremely important resources and was quite impressed by their responses.

Overall the sessions were quite informative, and the students learnt a lot about Biodiversity in Wetlands and their importance. After these sessions, they would definitely, try to identify different type of birds they see around especially the ones which migrate from far off places and come to India. They would now notice and understand the value of the various places in Lucknow which were earlier Wetlands and later converted into either residential areas or agricultural land ultimately degrading a very important natural resource.

Note: (The Ramsar list identifies wetlands around the world that are important for global biological diversity and sustaining human life, and provides guidance on their proper management.)

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