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Workshop on English Language Teaching

Workshop on English Language Teaching

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Event: Workshop on English Language Teaching

Organized by: Macmillan Education

Resource person: Ms. Mini Joseph

Venue: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur

Date and time: 15th February, 2020; 12 noon to 4 pm

In an endeavor to keep the staff updated to effective methods and ideas which they can implement in their teaching, six teachers from the English department attended an English Language Workshop at SAJS, Kanpur. The Workshop on English Language Teaching was organized by the Macmillan Education at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur on 15 February, 2020. It was attended by all the English teachers of the Jaipurian fraternity. The resource person of this workshop, Ms. Mini Joseph, possessed a very impressive profile. She has been a Fulbright scholar, an alumni of Loreto Convent College, Kolkata and St. Xavier, with  25-year experience of teaching young minds.

The workshop extensively and quite engagingly focused on the three core facets of English Language Teaching: grammar, vocabulary and creative writing. She emphasized on the usage of engaging worksheets of grammar and vocabulary oriented exercises whenever time permits or the students seem distracted as these techniques become portals to reinforced learning. The session began with an ice breaker where the teachers introduced themselves to each other.

The activities focused on vocabulary enhancement, sentence structure, phonetics and parts of a speech. Post lunch, teachers geared up for a session of brainstorming to engage in creative writing. Each group had to create a story with the same moral as the picture sequence given to us prior to that. Albeit competition was in the air, it was fun and felt that all were back at school. The groups presented wonderful versions of the aforementioned moral: ‘When two people quarrel, the third walks away with the cake’. The team comprising a few English teachers from SAJS, Lucknow and Kanpur, emerged victorious over the other teams with the most voted story. The workshop was interesting, educative, revisional as well as qualitative for education facilitators. It was an enriching experience to be a part of one such event.

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