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Workshop for Parents

Workshop for Parents

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– Usha Pandit Founder Mindsprings, Teacher trainer,  Educational Consultant, Author, Blogger and Youtuber

Usha Pandit, is a highly experienced educator, with over three decades of teaching experience in India and overseas and over a decade of academic consulting and teacher training. Seth Anandram Jaipuria Lucknow, organized a virtual/ Physical session for the parents of Pre-primary with Usha ma’am last week. This was aimed at guiding them to understand the nature of the child and use the time at home to engage the children in several innovative activities that are natural and enjoyable and will help build an unmatched foundation. Her prime focus was on how Critical thinking skills can be enhanced through simple and engaging activities.

The session laid emphasis on the dos and don’ts of teaching English. She explained the various techniques and methods to make the learning of all subjects English  Math and Science also interesting and playful. The STEAM curriculum in her book series Magic Box was also shared.

She explained that parents should show more and more videos in English, encourage children to be in the kitchen which according to her is a laboratory, where children can learn science, vocabulary, and Math easily.

She guided the parents on how could they help their child by using a variety of resources like games, stories, discussions, songs, materials, actions, and viewing materials to create a learning world of discovery, knowledge, critical thinking, and creativity. She also guided them for speech fluency, how to teach an excellent sight-reading program, and use a much-needed critical thinking skills storybook.

In the end, she answered the questions which parents had in their minds about disciplining their kids, how to help them in concentrating etc. She emphasized that rote learning will never help a child in becoming an expert in the subject. The focus should be on listening first and not on writing. Children will learn to write once they are confident in speaking. She also urged parents not to force children to write.

It was an interesting, enriching experience session for both the parents and teachers.

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