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Virtual Chemistry Session

Virtual Chemistry Session

The science of chemistry alone proves the existence of an intelligent creator. It is a study of chemicals that requires understanding through correlation to everyday situations. Today in these difficult times of COVID-19, our school like many others has shifted to online education through many Softwares like Zoom and Teams. Our teachers are putting in a lot of effort into making things easier for us even in difficult subjects like Mathematics and Chemistry.

On the 26th of August, we had an amazing experience in our Chemistry online session. We had to study a usually theoretical topic of Periodic Trends which many students think is boring, but our Chemistry teacher and Headmaster Mr. Pankaj Rathore Sir made it very easy. This enthusiastic session began by first explaining what a “Trend” generally is. Sir took examples of various types of fashion statements and trends of the 80s and he also made us find out the difference between the tunes of songs of the 70s and the 80s. This practical activity of noticing the difference in trends, made everyone in the class enjoy the topic and it also got embedded in our minds as to what a periodic trend is. Children were also enjoying the theoretical part due to the special ability of our teacher Mr. Pankaj to make the class exceedingly interactive. The children who had not taken interest in the subject so far were also answering questions related to the topic. Such was the level of excitement that sir had to extend the class by 20 minutes as the students did not want to leave the class.

A similar kind of experience happened the next day on the 27th of August where sir started the class by the recapitulation of the previous topics and then he came to another highly theoretical topic of Atomic Sizes. The best quality of our teacher is that he deep dives into a topic and gets to the root of it. He also never refuses to answer any student’s question even if it is out of the topic.

The chemistry class is probably the most interactive class not because the students are interested in it, but because our teacher Pankaj Sir makes it so. He is friendly yet firm and can be pretty strict too.

Another good point about the chemistry class is that we get a lot of valuable input through it when it is given by sir. He relates almost every topic to real-life scenarios and not only trains our brain but also our hearts.

These classes have made many students gain interest in Chemistry and everyone looks forward to this class.

Saumitra Saran
Class X – A

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