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Virtual Background Tour of the school

Virtual Background Tour of the school

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We’re three months into the ‘pandemic’ and it definitely is a difficult time both for teachers and parents to carry on work from home and supervise children at the same time.

One of the biggest disadvantages of ‘lockdown’ has been closure of the educational institutions. Schools have been shut to prevent the spread of the virus and this has paved the way for online classes. The schools and the teachers have been putting in extra effort to engage students in the class room and learning to teach virtually.

 The Pre- primary teachers, have had to go that extra mile to get the little ones engaged.  These children thrive on the physical and emotional connect with the teacher and fellow students and getting them on the screen for virtual learning has been extremely challenging.

Nursery class  usually begins their virtual class with a morning prayer followed by circle time which  is a brief conversation with each child so that they feel connected .They happily display their toys, their art work, homework and we patiently listen to them and appreciate their efforts .They seem to have now gained confidence and interact more freely. Cracking jokes too make them happy and they love the small things we notice about them be it their t-shirts, or simply their smiles, hairband etc.

The theme of the month being ‘My School’ we decided to take class Nursery to a virtual tour of the school. Many children, who have enrolled this year, have unfortunately not yet studied physically in the school. Meanwhile the older students have not been to school because of the lockdown. Yesterday, for the virtual tour, we  meticulously chose pictures and videos of the school, to make the session interesting.

The interaction began with a question- Why do children go to school? We make sure to note down each answer given by them. Most of them answered to study and that was the time to play for them a song on school. Then they were given a wide view of what the school offered to them and how much fun being at school was. It was time to take them on a virtual tour of the school through virtual background. They seemed to be watching very intently and every child got extremely emotional. They were craving to come to the school. Anagh Gupta a new admission could not hold his emotion and burst into tears He had to be consoled by her mother.

To lighten their mood they were shown a video of ‘Pyjama Party’ held in our school for Pre- Primary children in our second year.

The Pandemic might have been successful in creating Physical distancing but emotionally and mentally the teachers and students are still strongly connected and will always be.

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