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TIRAMISU – A Delightful Dessert

TIRAMISU – A Delightful Dessert

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Cooking can help young kids learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills. And the experience of creating meals can helps build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.

Super Chef activity in the Pre-Primary has always been a grand affair during normal school hours in the school premises. The closed school building could not deter the little Jaipurians from participating in this exciting experience.

Pre-Nursery and Nursery left no stone unturned to make “Tiramisu “an interesting event with Parents actively participating and making it a successful online activity.

Pre – Nursery had an amazing experience. They made their own recipe for “TIRAMISU”. Layana Das was busy helping her father make mango shake and then serving it to him, Harsh Jaiswal made his recipe all on his own. He poured out the mango pulp and layered it with fresh cream.  Aadya Agnihotri was observing all of them and enjoyed the ingredients. The children sang the ‘Mango song’while the cooking was on.

In class Nursery the activity began with a mango song and they wore lovely headgears and yellow attire. Then followed a brief conversation when  they were told what  the word ‘Tiramisu ‘means, the original ingredients used in it and the country where it originated. The interaction turned out to be interesting when they were told that we were going to use mango and cream.  They were excited to name more dishes that are made with mango. Pickle too made its way into the discussion with its tangy taste. The nutrients that we derive from mango was also discussed.

The ‘Tiramisu ‘was given a twist where children used seasonal fruit mango, Fresh cream and powdered sugar as main ingredients used for layering. Finally, they began layering mango puree and fresh whisked cream in a serving glass with the help of a spoon and topped it with chocos, chopped fruits, nuts chocolates, chocolate syrup etc. The garnishing was left to their choice and things available in the house. They not only learnt the art of layering in cooking but also made a lip-smacking ‘dessert’. They were extremely  excited to taste their dessert and Kavyansh, Arsh, Aryaveer could not stop themselves from finishing it right away.

Cooking is a natural way to develop motor skills and children learn other skills too such as following instructions, measurement and most importantly language skills as their vocabulary gets enriched. This cooking activity made them aware of the words like tangy, sweet,mixing,pouring, scoop,apron, diningmat, fluffy, whisking, fresh, cream, garnish toppings ,puree , layering etc. The pictures of the Tiramisu activity say it all.

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