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Tips to score 100% in CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Social Science board exam

Tips to score 100% in CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Social Science board exam

CBSE Term 2 Social Science Board Exam:
The Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, has started the term 2 board exams for the students of Class 10 from today, April 26. Students work hard in preparing for the board exams, as they want to score well and take their desired stream. During times like these, tips from teachers work the best for many students.

Therefore, we have gathered some important tips for students of Class 10 preparing for the Social Science exam.

Social Science being a lengthy subject encompassing four disciplines, the students must follow a consistent approach with a special emphasis on time management.
The following are a few useful tips to help students ace the Social Science Term 2 examination.


  • Reading the book and preparing notes in the form of bullet points is a must. This will help create a flow while writing long answers and remembering the key points
  • The sources in the text must be read thoroughly. Short answered questions from sources should be practiced extensively
  • Timelines should be made to remember the sequence of events and better understand the historical process at work
  • Don’t try to memorise everything. Understanding the content will help you remember the details better.


Students often skip map-based questions which account for two marks, but these are the sure shot marks that can be scored easily.

  • Note down the syllabus of the map work and practice it at least once every week
  • Map work must be practiced by hand.

Political Science:

  • Brief notes should be prepared for every chapter. This will help you understand the important aspects of every topic and facilitate recalling of information while writing the answer.
    Make sure not to overlook any details in the book. Every sentence must be read carefully.
  • As the answers are lengthy, try to underline or highlight the key points to make the answer more comprehensible for the examiner.

These suggestions could help you with your examinations if adopted consistently. The key to excelling in Social Science is to read repeatedly and write regularly.

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