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Three Minecraft Teams of Seth Anandram Jaipuria are National Finalists

Three Minecraft Teams of Seth Anandram Jaipuria are National Finalists

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“You can’t design a gamified experience only by adding points, badges, and leaderboards to it. Gamification is an art. And every gamified adventure is unique. So you won’t be able to find a repetitive pattern to make every experience engaging over and over again.”

Minecraft is a gamification tool, which allows students to build, participate, and evaluate project-based learning activities. It is a highly engaging and motivating way for students to learn inside and outside the walls of a classroom. 

This month in Minecraft Monthly Build Challenge -March’22, the topic was “BUILD A MOLECULE”.

Students had to submit a 3D model of a molecule including its molecular composition, properties, and/or relevance in our world, and a video explaining their model.

Four Teams of Seth Anandrm Jaipuria School, Lucknow had submitted their projects and 3 projects have been selected as National Finalists.

Project 1:- SILLY MOLECULES, NATIONAL FINALIST -1 IN ADVANCE LEVEL. In this project, Sagar Rai and Atharva Jaiswal have built 8 general molecules which we encounter in our day-to-day lives, such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, ozone, and more.

Project 2:- DIATOMIC, NATIONAL FINALIST-1, BEGINNERS LEVEL. This project was led by Nirwan of grade VA. He has created the 3D structure of a Diatomic MOLECULES, a molecule that consists of two atoms.

Project 3:-FUCITOL, NATIONAL FINALIST-3 IN BEGINNER LEVEL. Sankalp Tripathi, grade VA, Minecraft enthusiast has developed the internal structure of general molecules.

Congratulations to our students. We are proud of them!!!

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