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The Year That Was…..2021

The Year That Was…..2021

The year 2021, the past year was a splendid year where I got my class 2nd result and I got promoted to class 3rd. The new 365 days were all about knowledge and fun. I was excited to meet my friends and teachers. Finally, I got Ankita ma’am as my class teacher. But all of it was ruined because of the second wave of covid and the whole world got quarantined. But it was not the end, it was a new start, I learnt a lot of new things in my online session, prepared projects with the guidance of my teachers, attempted online quizzes, class exams and special assemblies that helped me in the process of growing. After all these there came a beautiful day when school reopened after 18 months of pandemic and we met our teachers and friends. But again, there came the third wave of covid in the form of Omicron and we got quarantined again. But overall, this was a great year and I wish that the new school year would start at school.

Thank you
By Sahaj Saluja 3C

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