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Always aim at perfection for only then will you achieve excellence

  • JRD Tata

The Tata Saga unfolded in Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, on 7th and 8th of December’18. The two days exhibition, celebrated 150 glorious years of the Tata heritage, their pioneering leaders, iconic institutions, business excellence and innovations and their vision of a brilliant tomorrow. On 7th Dec’18, Ms. Anisha Nora Gunnar, Human Resource Manager, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, inaugurated the exhibition. Ms. Kavita Mathur, Vice President Academics and Strategic Development, Seth Anandram Jaipuria Education Society, was the Special Guest for the occasion. Mr. Kumar Lalit, GM-Head, HR, IR and Admin, Tata Motors, Lucknow and Mr. Saud Usmani, HR, Tata Motors, Lucknow , were the special guests on 8th Dec’18.

The inaugural ceremony started with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp by the Chief Guest, Ms. Anisha Nora Gunnar and the Principal, Mrs. Poonam Kochitty. An enchanting Prayer Dance was followed by the Welcome address by the Principal. She stated that the seed to have this exhibition was sown when she visited Tata Motors earlier this year. Mrs. Poonam Kochitty further added that it is a remarkable story of the Tata Legends and their legacy which needed to be shared with one and all. A short film- The Tata Saga was screened to set the tone for the exhibition. The Chief Guest, Ms. Anisha Nora Gunnar, in her address, applauded the thought and vision to have an exhibition to commemorate the contribution of the Tata in past 150 years. She praised the efforts of the Principal, Staff and Students who worked very hard to achieve this magnanimous feat with their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm. She recalled her journey with Tata and the fond memories of Jamshedpur, where she was brought up.

The exhibition showcased 17 Tata ventures starting from the Core Values, which displayed the timeless values of integrity, excellence, unity, responsibility and pioneering, of the Tata Group. The next was the Evolution which enlisted the milestones achieved by the group. This was followed by Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces which redefined opulence by creating the interiors of Taj Hotels. Iron and Steel showcased the contribution of TISCO and the values which are stronger than steel. Consumer Goods had various products of Tata, which gave the strong message of leadership with trust. Tata Airlines created the feeling and trust of flying with Vistara. Tata Motors connected aspirations with reality. Tata Power showed the contribution in lighting up lives. Tata Communications displayed the partnership for the Digital World.

Tata Consultancy Services made everyone experience certainty. Tata Trent showcased its various ventures like Westside and Star Bazaar. Tata Housing displayed the various housing projects, including Xylem, across India. Tata institutions collated information about various iconic institutions which are committed to nation building. Worldwide Footprint presented the global footprints of the group which spans in more than 100 countries in six continents. Tata Entrepreneurial Spirit exhibited the pioneers of the industry. Tata Sports showcased the best sports academies which are grooming a new generation of winners. Tata Sustainable Development exhibited the difference that it has made to the lives of the people.

The budding visionaries of the school presented the exhibition in a creative and attractive manner. Robotic skills were seen through the working model of RADA and the security alarm on the door. The model of the DNA of the core values of Tatas made an interesting display and attracted the viewers. The students of Calss I and above spoke about the Scholarships and the journey of advertisements of Tatas, in the Evoulution segment. An eye catching model of the Globe stood in the centre of the Global Footprints to display the presence of the group across the world. Tata institutions showcased a model of the relocation of the Blue Whale, which was made out of clay.

Tata Trent set forth the products of Westside, Zudio, Landmark and Star Bazaar. Tata Consultancy Services saw a 3D model of Revenue generated from 2014-18 and the GPRS Tracking system. Tata Steel exhibited the Tata Nagar Tank which was made up of strong steel and was part of the World War-II. Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces recorded the magnificent journey of hospitality, grandeur and ‘never say die spirit’ of 26/11 attacks. Consumer Goods had a lavish display of Tata products ranging from jewelry to coffee and salt to spices along with a ‘Selfie Corner’. Tata Sports enlisted the names of players sponsored by Tata.

An Art Craft Exhibition with the theme of ‘Japanese Art’ was inaugurated in the Art Room. Japan was chosen as the theme because of their strong value system and the zeal with which they bounce back after being demolished so many times. A wall with Koi Fish paintings, a symbol of wealth and good fortune, and Japanese handmade fans, stood strong. The exhibition also showcased the various art work like Flamingo Painting with the help of hands, paper pasting and thumb impressions made interesting displays. Rajasthani art, Madhubani and Kalamkari paintings done by the artistic students of the school, decorated the walls. Leaf Pattern designs added to the colourful look. Bright colored, paper lamps, hung from the ceiling, giving a vibrant look.

The common thread, which weaved all the ventures, was Values, History and Timeline, Awards and Recognition, Corporate Social Responsibility and Tales Worth Sharing. Mr. Kumar Lalit and Mr. Saud Usmani from Tata Motors, lauded the research, creativity, detailing and the intention behind the exhibition.

The exhibition provided an opportunity and platform for students to showcase their imagination, ingenuity, with in depth knowledge of the topic. It was heartening to notice that the students had been inspired to conceptualize and initiate their research and reading through self-motivation and with a concern for sustainability and inclusivity. The untold stories of Tata Titans reached out to students who are the future of this country which added to their values, grit and most of all humaneness. Students spoke with confidence and presented the facts in an admiring manner. Thus, adding to the holistic development of the students. Parent’s  written feedback spoke volumes about their appreciation and acknowledgement. Parents were happy to see their children coming out of their comfort zones and do things which add to their personality as these activities are aimed to polish the students to shine like stars in this galaxy.

The exhibition concluded with a promise and hope to imbibe the values exhibited by Tata in the past 150 years.

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