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The Story of Neohiss

The Story of Neohiss

He is NEOHISS! Before the experiment he was known as DAVE. I will tell you the   story of  his transformation from DAVE, great scientist, to  NEOHISS, an animal hero. Dave was a great scientist. He was researching on the topic DNA Mutation for more than 15 years. He wanted to put animal and human DNA together and make a superhuman!  Finally he was able to create a superhuman. Dave tested  on animals but nothing happened to them immediately.  But after few days, they became powerful and aggressive.

He told the President that he wanted to test it on  humans. The President denied because elections were round the corner. Dave took a decision which changed his life. He sat in his chamber and mixed the DNA of a snake, hedgehog and lizard. Dave injected the fluid in his body. After three weeks he came out, transformed as an animal. He made few panels to control himself. He realized his powers like  he could run fast, had super strong teeth, a strong tail, stings and amazing power of smelling .

I was inspired to write about Neohiss after Mr. Pankaj, our Headmaster, took an assembly in school on Mutation on 16 February 2020. I found it interesting and created Neohiss!

To be continued…………





Vedansh Singh

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