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The Hindi Diwas Assembly-Vedas and Puranas

The Hindi Diwas Assembly-Vedas and Puranas

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Our elders have always taught us that success in our lives, greatly depends on our values and ethics and the culture and  history of our past. This theme was taken up marvelously  by Saumitra and Devang of class X, in the very  first assembly of Hindi week.  The Morning assembly commenced with a Shiv dance by Shruti and  a prayer by Vishwajeet of class XI. The performance by Sunidhi, and  the poem by Prakhar was extraordinary.

The Vedas and Puranas are the sacred text followed and studied by the Hindus. and  contain all the information of this universe. Whether it is creation or end of universe, it provides it all. Scrutinizing this vast topic, Saumitra begun with a  question-What is meant by Veda or Purana?  Thoughts were exchanged and the answer was Vedas and Puranas are important texts that define Indian culture at its finest. He furthermore threw light on several questions raised by the audience  through  illustrative self-made videos which included many unknown fascinating facts about both Vedas and Puranas. The students also got a life lesson that the Female Power or ‘Shakti’ is the most superior . The Devi Purana is the origin of all the other Shaktis. Even Lord Shiva was named by Shakti. Hence, we should learn to give respect to all females and treat them as equal. This was demonstrated by a small performance by Twisha who made us familiar with an avatar of Lord Shiva known as Ardhanarishwar- literal meaning half-woman God. Sanskriti of class 4th demonstrated the beauty of this avatar by dressing up like the same. Finally Saumitra presented before the audience five  words  in  pure Hindi which the students had to guess. It was a befitting end to a remarkable session. We now look forward to the remaining events of the Hindi Week.

Bhavyaa Singh

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