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The Graduation Day of the Kindergarteners at Seth Anandram Jaipuria Overwhelms the Parents.

The Graduation Day of the Kindergarteners at Seth Anandram Jaipuria Overwhelms the Parents.

Graduation day of the kindergartners celebrated on 15th March was an unforgettable one.The theme and concept of the program was unique and innovative. It depicted an alien from another planet Jaadu and his friendship with Rohit at Seth Anandram Jaipuria. All events showcased by the children depicting the Prayer, Yoga, Circle time in the class,dance etc were seen by Jaadu as Rohit takes him around the school and classrooms. This entire skit was based on “friendship” and all those witnessing the confident performers experienced an emotional two hours filled with joy, laughter, tears, happiness and applause.,

The ceremony started with the lighting of the lamp followed by the’ Ganesh Vandana’.

The parents enjoyed the wonderful anchoring and narration by the little ones and were left awestruck! The auditorium was filled with bouts of laughter every now and then. The parents and guests couldn’t help but smile, clap and laugh along as they watched the children perform.

After the performances, our Principal, Ms Kochitty thanked the parents for their support and guidance throughout the year. She also reminded everyone of the importance of the foundational years. She emphasized how crucial it is for parents to spend quality time with their little ones, cultivating and nurturing those bonds which helps in shaping their personality and character, and continue to nurture the children as they keep moving on to the next phase of their life!

The event concluded with the children receiving their graduation certificates and children walking onto the stage, wearing their graduation caps, looking excited and proud. The parents, teachers, and guests were equally delighted to see the little ones all dressed up for their special day. It was heartwarming to see the children beam with pride as they held their certificates and posed for pictures with their friends.

To sum up , the graduation day of the kindergartners was a beautiful celebration of their talent.

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