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The Epitome of Creative Learning-Morning Assemblies

The Epitome of Creative Learning-Morning Assemblies

Morning Assemblies…we all have them at schools, right? Some students eagerly look forward to what’s in store for them today, whereas a few wear an incurious look on their faces. Nonetheless, everyone has something to learn from a morning assembly.

The morning assembly in my school is quite unique. Its purpose is not confined to preparing the students for the day, celebrating a festival or sharing notices. It is a platform for us to share thought-provoking videos, images, and quotations. It is a liberal space where we share our opinions and ideas on subjects that we usually overlook in our day-to-day lives. My friends and I were given this golden opportunity to prepare an assembly on the question of ‘Poverty’.

Aparna (friend and peer)-Preparing for the morning assembly is fun, and what is better is looking for a relevant video. Why? When we try to find the perfect one in the treasure trove of videos, we get a chance to learn novel ideas and values. When it comes to hosting, it feels like being on cloud nine as its excitement is beyond words. Above all, it does help us develop the habit of speaking confidently.

Shreya (friend and peer)-My teammate invited me to this assembly. I am delighted that I didn’t miss the chance. The questions were made by Saanvi and me, whereas the presentation was made by Aparna. All the work was put together, and BOOM! It was ready. The assembly meeting was held, and it all came out really well.

Me-Preparing for this assembly was an enjoyable experience. Our class teacher, Ms Pallavi Srivastava, helped us immensely. She took practice sessions to help us cope with our nervousness (which was really kind of her).

We Selected this video

( because we wanted a broader audience to know about the prevailing injustice in our society. Our discussions revolved around poverty, which is spreading rapidly(almost as fast as the first wave of COVID-19).The idea was to discuss the perpetual gap that exists between the rich and poor. We wanted to bring forth the absurdity of connecting stereotypes with poor people.

It’s a pity how we just overlook this shining disturbance that lies all around. It was a thoughtful theme, which all of us are proud to educate our fellow students about.

Thank you to all the people who supported us in this venture.

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