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TEDx Heritage Girls School

TEDx Heritage Girls School

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We at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow constantly try to expose our students to various platforms and competitions that empower and enthuse our students to excel in various fields. It is for the first time that our student,Manya Kadian, of class 9 auditioned for a genre of TED Talk conducted this month by the Heritage Girls School, Udaipur called ‘TEDx Heritage Girls School’. The talk was based on the theme “I for Ideas’’. The students had to present their ideas in any field of their choice. The idea had to be innovative, effective and practical.

Manya spoke about her idea of ‘Incorporating Fantasy Fiction in The Curriculum Leads to a Generation of More Evolved Learners’. Manya secured the seventh place amongst many speakers in the preliminary round of this national level competition.

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