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Teacher Training Programme

Teacher Training Programme

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It’s been almost a year since Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow was awarded the coveted Microsoft School status. Since then there has been no looking back as the teachers and students have repeatedly performed and won laurels on the International Forum. To acquaint the new staff members with the use of Office 365 a Microsoft Training Workshop was held in school on 3rd November, 2018.

The session began with a short introduction to Microsoft and its role in the world of education. Mr. Pankaj, our Senior Coordinator shared how the use of Office 365 applications like Sway have benefitted the staff and students. He briefed the Resource Person Ms. Meenakshi Oberoi, Founding Director,De Pedagogics of all our achievements in the field of Microsoft in the past one year. The Resource Person shared that she was happy to see the zealous faces.

She apprised the new members how Office 365 is a comprehensive setof tools and apps that enable teaching, non- teachingstaff members, and students to effectively communicate, edit documents, share files, store information, assignments, and much more.

She continuously focused on using One Drive which is accessed from the cloud to promote collaboration, learning, and improved productivity in real-time.

The teachers got firsthand experience of One Note. They created notes that included text, tables, pictures, drawings and learnt how to directly make notes and use the material saved at various locations.

She also introduced Microsoft Forms that allow us to easily create quizzes and worksheets, Sway for classroom presentations, a variety of learning tools, and Class Notebooks. During the workshop, the use of tools like Calendar, Streaming were highlighted for managing Time table, grades, collaborating with students, and accessing materials in the event of student’s absence from the school.

The most exciting part of the workshop for the teachers was where they created Quizzes, and worksheets using ‘Form’ and shared them with each other through a link or QR Codes. The teachers also got an opportunity to work on online PowerPoint Presentations that they shared with each other.

She demonstrated the benefits of using Microsoft Edge as a web browser where one can open a web page and add additional notes and comments and save it in ones’ own One Note.

In this training session, we had covered the basics of Office 365 Education and how its features and functions can make classroom management, school communication and learning a whole lot easier. Although, the workshop left the teachers a little over whelmed but at the same time the innovative tools and apps left the teachers asking for more.


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