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Surprise Diwali Celebrations

Surprise Diwali Celebrations

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Last night has been a bliss for me. I got to know that a special was going to be held for all the hostellers. I was on my bed ready to doze off when suddenly things changed. Everyone raced out of the dormitories, eyes shining bright as shooting stars (because it was the first time we would have a DJ party). We rushed downstairs to the ground. Here my dream came alive. We decorated the ground with tealight candles and lit them. The best thing was DJ (party time!!). We danced and danced like never before. I was literally sweating. It was as if we were celebrating victory after having won a battle. We then assembled at one place in the ground and offered a prayer to Almighty God. Then some students burst crackers.

We were then served snacks as well as beverages. All around our school, the houses were lit beautifully. The lights lit the roofs of the houses.

It was a thrilling finale prior to the end of our second semester and the Diwali break. We trooped upstairs to our dormitories and slept dreaming of our home and the Festival of Lights.

Devansh Agarwal






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