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SUR AUR SAAZ – Online Musical Instrumental Contest

SUR AUR SAAZ – Online Musical Instrumental Contest

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The global pandemic of COVID-19 has compelled governments all over the world to close educational institutions, and UNESCO estimates that about 1.5 billion students must currently remain at home.

This critical, complex, and the unprecedented situation is having major impacts on our societies. Without regular school and physical  interaction, children  are not  adequately engaged and their mental stimulation is also being hampered.In order to make things exciting for them, our school organised – Sur aur Saaz- an online  instrumental contest for students .

The students were asked to play any instrument for two minutes, make a video and send it to us. The contest was divided into two categories – primary and seniors .The judgement was done based on rhythm, dynamics, clarity and overall performance .


This competition was conducted in two categories and the results are as follows:-

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
Junior Vatsin Vinod


Shaarav Sharma


Rajiv Nayan Madaan


Shreya Ganguly





Senior Kaustubh Sahai


Manomay Verma

Class VII

Atharv Bisht

Class VI


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