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Super Chef Activity – Corn on the Cob

Super Chef Activity – Corn on the Cob

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Cooking has the power to unite people around the world regardless of their culture and territorial boundaries.

It is an art that will probably be one of the most sought after in this century.

At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow, we believe in training the children for life and developing their skills. Cooking activities are one way of doing so.

The Pre-Primary wing of our school organized a ‘Super Chef activity’ “Corn on the Cob” Chef Sandhya of ‘Sandy Bake Studio’ was invited to conduct a virtual cookery session with the children.

Sandhya has been working as a Culinary Mentor, Bakery & Cafe Consultant, Entrepreneur and has been felicitated at numerous platforms and covered by several newspapers. She has also featured in many Cookery Shows and has an active Facebook Page & YouTube Channel with followers worldwide.

Chef Sandhya’s achievements are numerous and she has been the winner of Annapurna Award (2017), Successful Women Achievers Awards 2018. Most Celebrated Home Baker of Lucknow, 2019, Iconic Women Entrepreneur Award 2019.

The special day began with a prayer and a brief introduction of Chef Sandhya.

The first recipe for the day was a Mexican Salad blended with healthy vegetables.

She began with an explanation of ingredients and its benefits. She made the children aware that salad dressing is an important aspect as it binds all the ingredients.

The vinaigrette for the salad was prepared with olive oil, lemon juice, chopped coriander, mint and crushed garlic. Pizza seasoning was used considering the flavour mostly loved by all the children. Vegetables of their choices could be added to the salad was a smart suggestion by the chef to bring vegetables on their platter. The king of all the vegetables corn was used as one of the main ingredients in the salad. Chef Sandhya made it a point to motivate children to eat healthy vegetables and explained the nutrient value of each ingredient used by her.

The children with the help of their mothers, followed all the instructions by the chef to create the lip smacking salad.

The second recipe was followed by a short music session by the music teacher.

The spinach and corn sandwich   was wisely chosen by the chef considering the health benefits.  The main ingredients used were blanched spinach, corn and salad dressing. The mixture was spread on the bread and it could be eaten as it is or grilled. The chef explained a lot of variations like butter and mayonnaise and kept instructing the children to take help from elders for cutting and chopping. The children seemed to be following each instructions and created their own fireless sandwich.

She emphasized on the presentation and plating and urged the children to decorate their own sandwiches using their own creativity to which every child engrossed in the activity obliged. She also made sure to see the little chefs creations and motivated and applauded them for their efforts.

The most important aspect of the session was introduction of various new words like vinaigrette, seasoning, flavour, blanch, enhance etc. The activities like measuring and mixing added to their mathematical and motor skills.

The ‘Corn on the Cob’ activity ended with a vote of thanks by the Principal expressing her gratitude to Chef Sandhya for accepting the invite and engaging the children by sharing her culinary skills.

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