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Summer “Coolers”- Beat the heat

Summer “Coolers”- Beat the heat

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The only thing that gives respite from scorching heat is a glassful of chilled beverage. That’s why healthy summer coolers score high as they are refreshing, energy boosting and healthy too.

The Pre-primary wing of Seth Anandram Jaipuria school made healthy “summer coolers” as a part of their “Super Chef” activity on 15th of July 2019.

Pre-Nursery opted for “Mango shake” and the children with their tiny hands worked hard while preparing the drink.

Nursery students made “Tangy Lemonade”. They squeezed lemons, crushed mint leaves and stirred in sugar and salt for a perfect taste of sweet, salty and tangy lemonade.

The KG students preferred “Mojito” and were encouraged to work in a team and prepare this drink. They learnt words like pouring, mixing, blending, squeezing, sieve, delicious, tangy, sweet and also improved their fine motor skills.



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