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Summer Camp: Session 2019-20

Summer Camp: Session 2019-20

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Summer Camp: Session 2019-20

Date: 16th May – 21st May

“The tan will fade but the memories will last forever”

To beat the heat and make learning fun, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School organised a summer camp in the school campus from May 16 to May 21, 2019.Summers are always associated with holidays, travel, fun and relaxation. But it is also a time to engage in different activities. A summer camp offers a structured opportunity for children to grow.  Children learn new skills, spend time on nurturing their hobbies and in the process learn to become independent and self-confident. They socialize, make new friends and spend their free time constructively.

Pre-primary students enjoyed their summer camp, where a lot of learning happened through play.They participated in many activities such as Science is FunCooking without FireDanceSkatingArt &Creativity and many more.They enjoyed each day with great zeal. The Little Jaipurians experienced many things which they could transfer to their real life.

In the Primary Wing several interesting activities were taken up like Zumba, Retro Dance, Painting, Cooking, IT/Robotics and Skating. The students were also introduced to the ‘Hospitality’ sector through‘Beyond the Classroom’ session. The students enjoyed a lot while they danced their hearts out to the tunes of several foot tapping songs. The students also learnt the art of cooking and creative presentation of dishes.  They played with colours to create wonderful, and that gave wings to their creativity and imagination. Lastly, they were introduced to the art of coding through an IT session where they learnt Minecraft. Some of the students pursued their interests in the field of Robotics and had fun while doing the given project.

 There were various activities in the senior group that the students opted for i.e. Keyboard, Cooking, Robotics, Football, Film-making, Dance, Volleyball and Taekwondo. The children were excited to learn new things. They made various dishes in cooking like eggless cake, a variety of shortbread biscuits (Nankhatai), aampana,  and bread pizza. In volleyball they were trained to do under arm pass, rotation and positioning during the game. In football they enjoyed learning push pass, dribbling with ball, positioning of the player, goal keeping and high drive. In Taekwondo students not only learnt the benefits but also learnt head defense, double punch front kick, round house kick, combination drills with front kick and with round house kick. In Film making the students acquired knowledge about the 3 stages of Film making. They also learnt to operate a professional DSLR camera and all the functions in details and how to make a short film and click professional pictures. The activity of dance saw the students tapping their foots on Indian and Western music. The students were also taught about the history of waacking and the new style of dancing. In robotics the students were enabled to make home automation theatre called smart home/smart house. They also learnt to make controlled robot using NODEMCU and ESP8266.

Our mentor and motivator, Ms. Poonam  Kochitty, Principal, appreciated the enthusiasm and zeal with which students and teachers were involved in all the activities.

 Until next summers- Au revoir!

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