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Study and Exam Skill in the Digital Era

Study and Exam Skill in the Digital Era

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On 2nd December,2020, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, invited Ms. Nishtha Bakshi, UNESCO certified Expressive Art Based Therapist, to virtually interact with the students of classes X & XI.

Ms. Nishtha graduated in Psychology from Delhi University and works with Fortis healthcare as a psychologist. She discussed about challenges during COVID-19, like-long break from school and in-person interaction, lack of outdoor activities, difficulty in sustaining focus and motivation, increased amount of screen time and difficulty in managing daily schedule.

Ms. Nishtha elaborated on how to prioritize time between- online classes, friends, sleep, exercise, hobby, food, family and homework. She shared tips about Study Corner and how to keep it organized- try to keep a fixed study corner, do not study on bed, de-clutter study space, avoid music or TV while studying, keep gadgets away and minimize distractions.

She enlightened the students about the methods of studying, revisions, routine and improving concentration. Stress was laid on frequency of revising a difficult topic in order to master it. The session concluded by sharing points about digital detox in this digital era.

The students acquired study skills and learnt strategies. Queries were answered patiently. Mr. Pankaj Rathore, Headmaster, thanked Ms. Nishtha on behalf of the Principal, for sharing meaningful and practical approach towards academics, with students.

It was a truly an informative session which dealt with experiential issues. The students appreciated the initiative taken by the school in this difficult time to counsel them for a better future.

Itisha Singh
Class X
SAJS, Lucknow

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