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Staff Bonding

Staff Bonding

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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

The staff of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, enjoyed a fun filled and memorable lunch on 23rd May,2019.The lunch was aimed at relaxation, team building and generally allowing everyone to let their hair down after a grueling session . Both male and lady staff, rolled up their sleeves and entered the kitchen to cook for themselves and the support staff.

Together, the teachers chopped vegetables, cut salad, cooked chole and made parathas with dripping ghee! The menu was delectable and full of flavours of love. There was chole, paratha, pulao, raita, salad and sweets. Lunch was served to the support staff to show appreciation for these silent workers.

Music set the tone for the lunch party. Teachers broke loose and sang foot tapping numbers together. Mr. Amit, the dance teacher, gave a tandav dance performance. Ms. Preeti sang a soulful ghazal. Mr. Sunny and Mr. Anubhav enthralled everyone with their melodious numbers. Mr. Yogesh transported the audience to the mountains by singing a few Garhwali songs. Ms. Surbhi gave a nostalgic feel with her song ‘Pal’. Ms. Shikha entertained by translating Hindi songs to Sanskrit and asked the audience to guess the song. Ms. Anuradha showed her talent of mimicry by imitating popular bollywood celebrities. Ms. Niti gave goosebumps with her song ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

Ms. Poonam Kochitty, Principal, appreciated the efforts and the team spirit. The memories of the lunch party will enable the staff to work together with the spirit of oneness.The teachers went home with happy faces and a big smile. This was a perfect way to sign off for the summer vacations. Hakuna Matata!




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