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SPECIAL GUEST Mr Rahul Arya Internationally renowned sand artist

SPECIAL GUEST Mr Rahul Arya Internationally renowned sand artist

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Mr. Rahul Arya, one of the most renowned sand artists of our country, got on board for a Meet & Greet session with the students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, on Saturday, 8th August, 2020. He is an internationally acclaimed sand artist, who has been on 7 different TV shows and 4 films. He has been awarded 24 prestigious awards for the remarkable talent that he possesses. His music video “Sayyam Rakh” sung by Payal Dev, garnered more than a million views on social media platforms. He has also performed for and with celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar.

Graduated as an engineer form IIT, Bombay, Rahul Arya has not only become a renowned sand artist but also a successful entrepreneur who founded a film production house Flying Rock Studio. His mantra of dreaming big, setting a goal and working relentlessly working for the same resonates with the philosophy that the school functions on. He shared a few samples of his remarkable work with the students, especially enchanting them with the video titled “The History of Bollywood & Hollywood in 200 seconds.” He discussed the beliefs of his life with the staff and students of the school which primarily, were, dreaming is the key to achieving a goal and that we should learn to look for solutions where others only see problems. He was gracious enough to interact with students and provide them with answers to quench their queries. He also, described how he made good use of the lockdown and deployed all his faculties to collaborate with the melodious Payal Dev to create a musical video, “Sayyam Rakh” which received more than 1 million views online.

The Chairman of the Jaipuria Group Mr Shishir Jaipuria graced the occasion. In the end the Principal Poonam Kochitty thanked Mr. Arya for sparing the time off his busy schedule and sharing his journey with the students. She also applauded Mr Arya’s life mantra of letting go, a philosophy from the Zen way of thinking. We hope to collaborate for similar interactions in the near future.

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