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Special Assembly on Makar Sankranti

Special Assembly on Makar Sankranti

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The children of grades 1 to 5 were a part of the special assembly on the Kite festival today on the 14th day of January, 2022.

The importance and relevance of the festival was told to the children which developed their knowledge of the festival. They were also informed about the festival being celebrated with great pomp and show in other parts of the world like China, Indonesia and America. The life skill lessons they learn from this sport was also introduced like the Science involved, the Aerodynamics, the ecology and support of the weather. Furthermore, the hand eye co-ordination, awareness and gross motor skills were also the learning happening while  flying a kite. The children were also told about the National Kite festival held in Gujarat.

To check their knowledge and understanding a quiz was prepared and shared with them. The festival is celebrated to wake the Gods in heaven from their deep sleep this was explained to the kids by a Classical dance performance by our Dance Teacher Mr. Amit. A dance form of Punjab, Bhangra which is done to celebrate Makar Sakranti  was performed by Mrs Sugandh Our Dance Teacher who brought warmth in all of us with her peppy dance. Almost all of us could not stop ourselves from shaking on the beat of Dhol. Our Principal ma’am’s motivational words are always there to give extra knowledge and blessings.

The assembly ended with a thought

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly”

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