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Skypethon Day Two on 6th Nov 2019

Skypethon Day Two on 6th Nov 2019


Day2, 6th November,19

The second day started with an interesting session on Code at school with Mr. Guillermo Medrano from Spain. The students of class 9 were briefed by Guillermo Medrano, a well-known developer of games and applications through Scratch. Students asked many questions to Guillermo Medrano which he answered in detail. Guillermo Medrano shared many applications and games which he has developed and scratch codes behind those applications.

Next Session on Bullying and social networks held on 6th November with the “Speak Up” English Language School, Serbia, Europe. The session was about the sorts of bullying that occur using Social networks. Understand what measures we can take to help reduce the amount of bullying that takes place and protect ourselves. Mirjana Milović had shared a flipgrid link where students of grade VIII shared some real-life examples of Cyber Bullying that happens all round the world. Students also spoke about some preventions of cyber bullying and cyber stalking. They sent a message to stop bullying and make this world a better place to live by showing the poster of “STOP BULLYING”.

The next Session ‘Sing around the world’ gave the students an opportunity to interact with their counterparts in Hungary and share their musical heritage. It was a session where the participants had to share folk songs. The aim was to generate a folk song collection from all round the world. Our students shared Rajasthani folk “Mithi Ras se Bharyo Re” song with them. The Primary School, Hungary sang one song and played an instrument flute. It was indeed a great cultural exchange through music.

There was another Skype Session with Ms Sonia Wadhwa- Teacher of The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal with our children of class IV. She introduced with the Buzz words AR, VR and Merge Cube and explained about them. She gave various examples of day to day life for better understanding. In Lenscart, people can check online which glasses suits their face. Similarly she gave the examples of  Peperfry and Paint 3D. Finally, she introduced us with Merge Cube. We can move and rotate the cube in our hand to see things from different angles. The session was very informative.

The last session of the day was “Reading Exchange” with Stormy Daniels, El Paso, United States. Using FlipGrid tool students of grade 2 read and shared two passages “The Magic Pool” and “Charlie and the Frog”. The enthusiasm of the students was overwhelming and appreciated by the resource person Ms. Daniel.

The end of the two days Skype-a-Thon gave the students an opportunity to break through the walls of the classroom and interact with their peers all over the world. It gave the students, a chance to share their stories and at the same time spark empathy and compassion in students around the world.

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