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Microsoft Global Learning Skypethon on 5th Nov 2019

Microsoft Global Learning Skypethon on 5th Nov 2019

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Microsoft Global Learning Connection


Day1, 5th November,19

The biggest Microsoft Global Learning Event of the year Skypethon was held on November 5 and 6. This year the theme was ‘Open Hearts. Open Minds’.Through this non-stop 48-hour event, this year Microsoft enabled students, educators and experts to connect from around the world using a variety of tools-Skype, Teams and Flip grid.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow has a vision to leverage technology to bring classrooms out of the physical boundaries and provide students with a holistic approach across the globe.

Our first Skype Session held on 5th November was a Mystery Skype with Kuwait. The session began with each side posing twenty questions to each other to guess the location of the other’s country. The answers to the questions had to be “yes” or “no” answers. Some of the questions asked by the visiting school were whether we were located in the southern hemisphere or if we were north of the equator? Once it was established that the visiting school was from Kuwait and they too had guessed that we were from India they shared a congratulation Note. The session further continued by asking the question related to their school, their studies, time duration they have in their school, type of weather etc. The session concluded with a happy note by singing a song of their country.

Our second Skype Session was “Interesting facts about cities, towns, places where you live”. It was with a Russian school at Yaroslavl. Yoroslavl an ancient town was set up in 1012 by prince Yaroslav. It has a monastry Spaso Preobrazhensky, Volkov theatre which was founded in 1750. The city celebrates International Music and folk festival ‘Maslenitsa’, a sign of their cultural richness. Red cabbage grown there is an important component in their food. Penalty and Mamuka are important dishes.The famous astronaut Valentina Tereshkova is from Yaroslavl.

Our children shared a lot of information with them about historical and present day Lucknow. Pictures and names of Nawabs, monuments, eating joints, food, famous parks,cricket stadium and Lucknow as a nodal point in revolt of 1857 was shared.

Most joyful moment was when the facilitator at the end said that she wanted to visit our city.

Third Session on Greetings from Portugal was held on November 5th with the students of class 3. The students interacted with Miss Rosa, a special educator from Portugal, and informed her about the different symbols of our country India. They too were briefed about the beautiful wall paintings by the especially abled children and the infrastructure of the school. We could not meet the students from Portugal as they were too shy to face the camera. The session was very interactive and informative at both the ends. We bid ADIEU with a promise of conducting more such sessions in future and exchanged greetings of our countries.

The Fourth session we had was with Sarah Giles, an Author, Writer and entrepreneur, Washington, USA on Creating Your Own “ME” Map. During this session students of grade 2 watched a video. In the video students got to know about the main character Max McConk who shared his experience and told them what makes him unique from others.

Later students were given the activity sheet in which they were asked to make their own Me Map. This session helped the children to know and understand their internal and external traits. Children were overwhelmed after doing this wonderful session.

The children now eagerly awaiting day-2 Skypethon!

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