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Why go anywhere when you can just sit in a room, travel and connect with the whole world. That is what technology has the power to do. When we talk about technology how can we forget about the biggest IT company Microsoft. Being a Microsoft Showcase School, our school was recently a part of an enormous event called Skype-a-thon. Thousands of educators from more than 110 countries prepared to connect their students with experts and classrooms around the world. It provided a platform to share stories and cultural traditions, play games and collaborate on projects. The goal of Skype-a-thon is to empower young people to become more engaged global citizens and expand their horizons. It is a 48-hour continuous event Prior to this our school has already conducted many skype sessions but I attended this kind of event for the first time. We the students of class IX C had a skype session with a Spanish scratch programmer. Mr. Guillermo Medrano. It was a great learning opportunity for us. We got to know many things about SCRATCH. We asked him many questions also and he answered all of them wisely and patiently. It was an interactive session. Through skype- a thon we get to learn many new things and it has increased our confidence level because we always hesitate when we talk to a foreigner. I thank my school and Principal for letting us be part of such an event.


Written By Twisha Singh

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