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Sing a song Rubrics

Sing a song Rubrics

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When we sing, our body releases endorphins, that are chemicals which make us feel happy. Singing also helps improve the flow of blood and oxygen to our brain and according to scientists it even strengthens our immune system.

When the entire world is facing the trauma of the pandemic caused due to Corona virus, we at SAJS, Lucknow floated this idea of ‘Sing-a-Song’ online competition to reduce the stress and bring some fun.

This competition was conducted in three categories and the results are as follows:-

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
III to V Bhavya Singh

Class 3A

Rida Zaheer

Class 3C

VI to VIII Ishita Deshwal

Class VI

Vatsal Shukla

Class VII

Pratyush Katiyar

Class VII

IX & X Ayush

Class IX


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